Sample Data

After you have installed the trial software, you may access the sample data provided. The data contains fictional names and events to demonstrate some of the features of the software. You may modify the data provided, or you may want to create your own tournament.

The sample data is provided in the "Tournaments\Sample" directory located underneath the installation location you selected when installing the software.

If you select the defaults, this location will be

c:\Program Files\The Joy of Tournaments\The Joy of Tournaments\Tournaments\Sample

Use the "File->Open" option inside the application to locate the "sample.trn" file located in the sample directory.

If you wish to create your own tournament, select the "File->New" option inside the application. To save your work, choose the "File->Save" option. The first time you save, you will be prompted for a location on your hard-drive where you want to save the information. You will want to create a directory on your hard-drive to store your work. Select that directory when using the File->Save option.

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