Online Registration

One option available with The Joy of Tournaments is the option to place information about your speech tournament on this website.

Online registration allows schools to register students for your tournament. You have an administrative account for the website allowing you to view the entries as they are made by the various schools. Lists of competitors by event and by school are available, as well as financial information, judges, and estimates of the number of sections that will be required.

Schools are able to access this website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make additions, changes, and drops to their entries. Once you close registration, an option is available allowing you to download the entries from the website directly into The Joy of Tournaments. All of the entries made on the website are automatically imported into the software. You do not have to type in a single competitor's name or the list of events in which they are competing - saving you time.

Once the tournament is complete, you may choose to publish the results of your tournament on this website as well.

Click here to try out the registration for a sample tournament.

Click here for a tour of the online registration option.

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