Software Update

Current version: 23.10.1897 updated on 10/24/2023
  This page will allow you to download an update to The Joy of Tournaments software. If you have a licensed copy of the software, the update on this page will automatically upgrade your version of the software. If you are running a tournament, it is highly recommended that you download the latest update prior to your tournament as this gives you access to the latest additions and corrections to the software.

Several download options are available on this page. You will need to select the appropriate file for your specific situation. If you are able to download EXEs, you may select the Self-Extracting executable format listed below. If you are unable to download the EXEs onto your machine, you may download the WinZip archive provided on this page. If you do not already have an archive program installed, you may want to download one from If you are using the WinZip archive, you must have a program on your machine that can extract the files.

If you are unsure which option to select, choose the first option (Full version quick install). Some campuses have highly restrictive download policies in place and only one of the options below may work.

It is entirely safe to install the newer copy over the top of an earlier version of the software. All of your data will remain intact and all versions are backward compatible, so you won't lose any of your work by downloading an update. Your data will remain untouched by the update; only the program itself is upgraded.

The following Full Version Quick Install link includes the help files and sample data. This is the easiest way to install the software, but does require that your computer is configured to allow the downloading of EXE files. If this option does not work on your computer, select one of the WinZip archive options below.

  Full Version Quick Install [32.0 MB]

The following Update links do not include help files or sample data.

  Update with Self-Extracting Executable [3.5 MB]  Help installing this version
  Update with WinZip Archive [3.4 MB]  Help installing this version

The following Full Version links include the help files and sample data.

  Full Version Self-Extracting Executable [33.0 MB]  Help installing this version
  Full Version WinZip Archive [32.9 MB]  Help installing this version

NOTE: all versions of the software will expire within 60 days. If your version expires, you simply need to download an updated copy of the software. The software is continually updated, so this 60 day restriction makes sure that the version you are using is relatively up-to-date.

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