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a comprehensive software package for managing speech tournaments including Debate, Individual Events, Congress, Rooms, Judges, Fees, Results, Sweepstakes, Tabulation, and much more.
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a Windows application that revolutionizes tab room operation.
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Future High School Tournaments
State Tournament Dates
TX2020 East Texas NSDA2/27 - 2/29
TX2020 Gulf Coast NSDA2/27 - 2/29
SD2020 Northern South Dakota NSDA2/28 - 2/29
CA2020 SCDL State Quals #1 @ ELAC2/28 - 2/29
CA2020 CVFL Debate Qualifier2/28 - 2/29
TX2020 North Lamar Dr. Tommy Eads UIL2/28 - 2/29
CA2020 SDIVSL State Quals C (IEs)2/28 - 2/29
AZ2020 AIA Division II State Championship2/28 - 2/29
WY2020 Riverton HS2/28 - 2/29
CA2020 YFL State Quals2/28 - 2/29
AZ2020 AIA Division I State Championship2/28 - 2/29
TX2020 Belton HS2/29
TX2020 Big Spring HS UIL2/29
TX2020 Center HS2/29
TX2020 Liberty Hill HS UIL2/29
TX2020 New Caney HS UIL2/29
TX2020 Our Lady of the Hills Catholic HS2/29
IL2020 Illini NSDA Congress2/29
TX2020 Waller UIL Inv2/29
TX2020 TFA State3/5 - 3/7
CA2020 SDIVSL State Quals B (LD/Policy)3/6 - 3/7
SD2020 SDHSAA3/6 - 3/7
IL2020 Greater Illinois NSDA3/6 - 3/8
MS2020 MSU Cowbell Classic3/6 - 3/7
CO2020 Colorado Grande NSDA3/6 - 3/7
WY2020 Worland HS3/6 - 3/7
TX2020 Brock HS UIL Set D- STEM only3/7
CA2020 Big Valley NSDA BQ3/7
IL2020 Illini NSDA3/7
TX2020 Marshall HS UIL3/7
TX2020 North Lamar Dr. Joyce Schaeffer Mat...3/7
FL2020 PBCFL Grand Finals3/7
TX2020 Ore City HS UIL3/7
TX2020 Plains HS3/7
CA2020 SCDL State Quals #2 @ San Marino3/7 - 3/8
SD2020 Northern South Dakota NSDA Congress3/12
SD2020 Rushmore NSDA Congress3/12 - 3/13
WY2020 Wyoming State3/12 - 3/14
MO2020 Heart of America NSDA3/12 - 3/14
MO2020 Eastern Missouri NSDA3/12 - 3/14
CA2020 East Los Angeles NSDA Speech Qualif...3/13 - 3/14
TX2020 Jack C. Hays HS UIL Set B3/14
TX2020 Van3/14
CO2020 Colorado Grande NSDA BQ3/14
SD2020 Northern South Dakota NSDA BQ3/16 - 3/17
NM2020 New Mexico NSDA3/19 - 3/21
AZ2020 Arizona NSDA3/19 - 3/21
WY2020 Wind River NSDA3/19 - 3/21
CA2020 Sierra NSDA3/19 - 3/22
TX2020 Holy Trinity 4th Annual Shamrock In...3/20 - 3/21
CA2020 Big Valley NSDA3/20 - 3/21
CA2020 East Los Angeles NSDA Congress/BQ Q...3/21
OH2020 Northern Ohio NSDA Congress3/21 - 3/22
OH2020 Western Ohio NSDA Congress District3/21
MO2020 Heart of America NSDA Congress3/26
AZ2020 Phoenix Rotary 100 Speech Contest3/27
SD2020 Rushmore NSDA BQ3/27 - 3/28
CA2020 West Los Angeles NSDA3/28 - 3/29
FL2020 CFDI Championship3/28
AZ2020 Arizona NSDA Big Questions3/28
OH2020 Western Ohio NSDA BQ District3/28 - 3/29
TX2020 South Texas NSDA Congress3/30
TX2020 Space City NSDA4/2 - 4/4
NV2020 Sagebrush NSDA4/2 - 4/5
CO2020 Colorado NSDA4/3 - 4/5
MS2020 MHSAA State Congress4/3 - 4/4
TX2020 ASU's Annual Foreign Language Compe...4/4
CA2020 Big Valley NSDA Congress4/4
CA2020 Sierra NSDA Congress4/4 - 4/5
TX2020 East Texas NSDA Congress District4/15
FL2020 PBCFL #6 @ Santaluces4/18
TX2020 South Texas NSDA4/23 - 4/25
CA2020 CHSSA State4/24 - 4/26
MS2020 MHSAA Champ Speech & Debate Champ4/24 - 4/25
TX2020 West Texas A&M Model United Nations...4/24 - 4/25
CA2020 CHSSA Big Questions4/26
CA2020 SCDL Novice Champs @ Arroyo/Gabriel...5/8 - 5/9
TX2020 CFISD Novice Night #45/19
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