Refund Policy

PC Tab Software - no refunds for tab software licenses once an authorization key has been issued. If an authorization key has not been issued, the full purchase price is eligible for refund upon request. The tab software is available for download in a trial version before purchase. The trial version should be used to evaluate the software before a key is issued.

Website - refunds for website services are available only if the tournament is cancelled (due to weather or poor response, for example). Once the status of a website has been changed to OPEN, fees are obligated in full based on total entries received on the website. To be eligible for a refund, a cancellation notice must be posted on the opening page of the tournament's website and an email notification must be sent to

  • For cancellations due to inclement weather: full refund of the website service price is available by request provided appropriate notice is given.
  • For all reasons other than inclement weather, the tournament must be cancelled at least one week prior to the event to be eligible for refund. A public announcement on the website must be posted as well as notification of the Joy of Tournaments webmaster. Cancelled tournaments are eligible for a 50% refund upon request provided appropriate notice is given.

Pre-paid Support. Full refund is available prior to the tournament. After the opening date of the tournament, no refunds for unused support services are available.

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