Sample Reports

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This page contains links to several sample reports produced by the software. Over 130 separate reports are produced by the software, so this set only represents a portion of the reports.

Click on the links below to open up a new browser window with the various reports. The pages are all presented in PDF format. If you don't have Acrobat Reader installed (or a similar program to read PDF files), you'll need to download that before you will be able to view these reports.

Room Estimates Entry Counts Outstanding Entries
Fee Summary School Fees Cross Entries by School
Squad Report Squad Efficiency Sweepstakes by Event
Individual Sweepstakes Outstanding Speaker Competitor Summary
Participating Schools School Arrival Status Event Entries
Event Entries by Division Cross Entries by Event Cross Entries by Event (Grid)
Cross Entries Still Competing Debate Results Judge History
Anonymous Postings Detailed Postings Results by Section
Results by Section (Panel) Judge Ranking Sheet (Panel) Power Balancing Worksheet
TFA Style Ballot AFA Style Ballot NCFCA Style Ballot
Selections by Event Selections by Section Ballot Status by Event
Results Summary Preliminary Round Results Qualifier List
Topic Verification Sheet Available Judge Counts Available Judges by Time
Judge Usage Judges by Event Judge Details
Judge Summary Judges Required Open Judge Slots
Room Usage Rooms by Event Entry Form (Grid)
Entry Blank NFL District Tournament Report NFL National Qualifers Report
TFA Result Form Envelope Labels Individual Ballot Labels

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